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It sounds like Im calling men stupid, shallow sex maniacs, who are only motivated to achieve things for stupid stereotypical reasons

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It was after stopping that moisturizer and starting the hot compresses (I now use a microwaveable eye bag that I ordered online) that things began to clear up

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The problem with hitting the "Escape" key is that you have to hit it for each page

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89, 90, 738 A.2d 349 (1999) (quotation omitted)

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Once you’re on that path it becomes a real Catch-22.”

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And Merck always wanting that we wouldn't give Brazil any price different or lower or at least closer to what they're practicing to the other countries

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I follow up with those people after the meeting to form connections and grow my network

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and misunderstanding — and the things that researchers still do not understand about sleep —

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The prostate typically grows and enlarges throughout life