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For the 25 drugs with the greatest discrepancy in labeled ADRs, we performed manual review to identify causes of inconsistency.

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Blame urban sprawl, blame industrial complexes, blame poor dietary habits, but don’t blame the small farmer or the subsistence village

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and you will have to fulfill all other requirements for licensure in Florida which includes passing the

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These druggists don't stand behind a counter in a drugstore, sorting pills, mixing antibiotics and ringing up sales

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That was father bear protecting his cubs' territory, based on Hutchence's well-known love of a narcotic good time, and the changes in Yates that were obvious for anyone to see

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exist in the Canadian forests and each of them produce moss spores that will spread their seed amongst

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This method by which patients fill their prescriptions is highly inefficient and contributes significantly to medical non-compliance.

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to vote on a bill to fund the U.S.government in the new fiscal year but with a delay onimplementation

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Uncertaintyabout the timing and pace of Fed action grew after last week'sdisappointing U.S

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Roger White, a regional sales manager for Coast2Coast Rx, said there are no eligibility requirements for people who use the card

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a range of products, from cosmetic products, other weight loss products, purely stimulant product to increase

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ailment|a problem} of hemostasis/coagulation is {an indication|an indicator|a sign} for {reduction|decrease}